Ditoo Divoom: The Perfect Bluetooth Speaker for Music and Retro Gaming Lovers

Ditoo Divoom is a retro-style Bluetooth speaker that doubles up as a pixel art display and alarm clock. This exciting device is the latest addition to Divoom’s lineup of portable speakers designed to bring immersive audio experiences everywhere you go. With its unique features, Ditoo Divoom has quickly become a fan favorite among music lovers, art enthusiasts and retro gamers alike.


Ditoo’s design takes after the iconic Gameboy handheld gaming device from the 90s, featuring a similar form factor but with some added modern elements. It comes in four vibrant colors – black, white, pink and blue – to suit different style preferences.

At 3 inches in length and height, it’s small enough to fit into your pocket or backpack while still packing plenty of punch. It feels sturdy in hand with its aluminum frame and robust button controls on the front panel.


Despite its size, this compact Bluetooth speaker packs impressive sound quality thanks to its two 5-watt full-range drivers delivering crisp mids and highs. The bass also performs exceptionally well for a speaker of Ditoo’s size.

You can pair Ditoo with any Bluetooth-enabled device within range or use an aux cable for direct connectivity without compromising on sound quality.

Pixel Art Display

One of the most intriguing features of Ditoo Divoom is its built-in pixel art creation software that allows you to create intricate designs using the 16 x 16 LED grid pixel display.

The companion app (Divoom Smart) makes it easy to customize your artwork by offering dozens of pre-set designs or allowing you to create your designs from scratch. You can choose from various templates like animals, emojis or letters; then customize them using different color palettes and copy-paste functions until you get your desired look.

Once satisfied with your design, you can showcase it on the pixel display to enjoy your art as a unique visual experience or use it as a screen saver. Ditoo also features an online community where users can share their designs and get inspired by others’ creations.

Retro Gaming

Ditoo Divoom’s pixel grid display is not only for artistic creations, but also for retro gamers who enjoy the old-school feel of classic games. The speaker comes with ten built-in games that you can play using the physical controls on the front panel.

The games are simple yet entertaining, covering various themes like racing, shooting, puzzle-solving and arcade-style gameplay. Some of the popular titles include Flappy Bird, Snake and Tetris. You can also download more games from Divoom’s website and upload them to Ditoo via USB cable.

Alarm Clock

Finally, Ditoo Divoom doubles up as an alarm clock to wake you up in style every morning with its customizable alarm settings. You can set multiple alarms, each with different ring tones and volume levels depending on your preference.

You can also customize your alarm sound by using any audio file saved onto Ditoo’s storage or choosing from dozens of pre-set sounds within the companion app.


Overall, Ditoo Divoom offers an excellent combination of Bluetooth speaker functionality with added features that appeal to music enthusiasts, design lovers and retro gamers alike. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel while still providing an immersive audio experience that rivals larger speakers.

The unique pixel art display is a standout feature that adds a creative touch to any room or office space while acknowledging the nostalgia of old-school gaming days gone by. It’s clear why this device has become such a fan-favorite among those seeking something fun but functional. If you love music, retro gaming or visual art displays – then there’s no better way to combine them all than with Ditoo Divoom!