DITOO PrismPlus: True Wireless Value Unbound

The DITOO PrismPlus is an affordable truly wireless Bluetooth earphone providing premium features and performance at a budget-friendly price. With active noise cancellation, aptX-HD audio, IPX5 water resistance and 8 hour battery life, the PrismPlus delivers quality and functionality normally found only in models costing several times more. By engineering value and cutting out the middleman, DITOO makes the latest in true wireless technology accessible to all at a price that opens the doors to awesome audio for every ear.

Awesome Audio, Elevated

The PrismPlus produces high resolution stereo sound for immersive listening free of cables. It utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 with support for aptX-HD, providing full, low latency wireless audio comparable in quality to wired headphones. With 6mm graphene drivers in each earbud, the PrismPlus generates a wide soundstage with thumping bass, sparkling highs and no distortion even at maximum volume. An integrated DSP also allows you to cycle EQ modes for different music styles. For true wireless freedom and an elevated listening experience at a value-packed price, the PrismPlus is in a class by itself.

Active ANC, Activated

The PrismPlus provides active noise cancellation to eliminate ambient noise for fully immersive sound. Its ANC microphones pick up environmental audio and produce inverse waves to cancel it out, reducing excess noise by up to 96%. You can enable or disable ANC with the touch of an earbud, choosing between full noise cancellation or an ambient passthrough mode to keep you aware of your surroundings. With the PrismPlus, premium noise cancellation and situational awareness are made a possibility for every earbud owner no longer dependent on budget.

Built to Go the Distance

While highly affordable, no shortcuts were taken in the build of the PrismPlus. It offers premium aluminum alloy charging case, customizable ear tips for secure fit and comfort, touch and in-ear detection controls. The PrismPlus earbuds last up to 8 hours per charge with up to 5 recharges from the included charging case. An IPX5 water-resistant rating also ensures they continue pouring out the jams even with rain, sweat or splashes. For premium true wireless freedom at a pauper’s price, the PrismPlus goes the extra mile so you have every reason to enjoy the journey.

With the DITOO PrismPlus, cutting edge true wireless audio is finally made affordable for all. By providing awesome sound, active noise cancellation, long battery life and water resistance at a people’s price, the PrismPlus gives music lovers of every means an elevated listening experience once only accessible to the well-heeled. For premium true wireless tech and value unbound, let your audio horizons take flight with the PrismPlus. The doors to awesome await your ears.