Dive into Portable Sound Luxury with the Divoom SlingBag


Introducing the epitome of portable sound innovation: the Divoom SlingBag. More than just a bag, it’s your gateway to immersive audio experiences on the move. Whether you’re strolling through the city streets, hiking in the mountains, or simply hanging out with friends, the SlingBag ensures that your music is always with you, delivering crystal-clear sound wherever life takes you! ✨

Style Meets Functionality: The Divoom SlingBag Experience

Step into the world of portable sound luxury with the Divoom SlingBag. Crafted with both style and functionality in mind, this sleek bag combines premium materials with cutting-edge audio technology to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.

Equipped with powerful built-in speakers, the SlingBag transforms any space into a personal concert hall, filling the air with rich, immersive sound. Whether you’re hanging out at the park, chilling on the beach, or exploring the urban jungle, this versatile bag ensures that your favorite tunes are always within reach. ️️️

  • Discover the Divoo Sling – it’s the most visually pleasing, fun and feature-packed shoulder backpack you can get. With a 4.7 inch LED screen designed to stand out in the crowd and attract all the attention.
  • KEEP EVERYTHING TIDY – The front bag allows you to store the power bank to power the LED display, with several separate compartments inside the middle bag. The waterproof shoulder bag comes with a back bag to store iPhone and wallet, making it an ideal backpack.
  • Easy to put on or take off – Designed with the adjustable shoulder strap and you can carry it on your shoulder or around your waist. The strap closure has a really powerful magnet that securely holds the backpack. While the buckle is easy to take off when pulling the rope on the buckle.
  • MADE FOR FUN – This is a fun led bag that can be customized for any pixel art you like on the screen. Divoom APP has prepared many pictures set or you can choose to create your own image.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – It’s a fantastic chest pack to have on your shoulder and the multitude of animations and other artwork available to wear is unlimited It would make a great Christmas/Birthday gift for anyone who loves fashion items or pixel art.

Customer review

I bought this on a whim to hold my phones / personal devices when wearing shorts without pockets AND to hold my phone closer to my head when using an AR headset (xReal Air) so I do not get tangled in the wire.

I was honestly blown away by the quality of this thing. All the materials are of the quality that I expect from a bag at, or just above, this price point WITHOUT the LEDs. The fasteners, zippers, latches, etc. are all metal. The only exception is the tensioners adjacent to the main buckle. These are made of high quality ABS, which will probably do a better job of holding the nylon strap in place. The main buckle is all mental with a unique, sturdy, magnetically reinforced lock that gives a very satisfying click. The nylon straps themselves are EXTREMELY high quality, thick, and durable.

There are three compartments. The front compartment is really just a battery compartment which has the USB-A connection to the lights. I would suggest limiting the use of this section to your battery so as to avoid any unnecessary strain on the cable. The main compartment is quite large and has three pockets within. The first is a mesh area that is zippered off and runs along the entire front of the compartment. The other two are open pockets that each cover 1/2 of the width of the back of the main compartment. They are approximately 2/3 the overall height of the compartment. The last feature of this compartment is a small tether and a piece designed to attach to your keychain. This is held on by a plastic push-button clip. The third compartment is on the back of the bag. It occupies the entire width and approximately 2/3 the height of the bag. It is slightly thicker than the battery compartment and lacks any internal pockets.

The bag has two other features of note. The first is a thick rubber belt above the rear compartment. This is most easily described as a way to attach it securely to the handle part of rolling luggage, but it does have other uses. There are also two small straps along the bottom to restrict the width of the main compartment and the bag as a whole.

The quality of the lighting hardware is quite excellent. The diffuser is excellent and the pixel isolation is among the best I have seen. I use a ton of individually addressable lighting in my home, gadgets, & fashion, and I can tell you that these LEDs are VERY impressive. The battery is not included, but this is a feature, not a bug. Everyone will want and expect a different battery size and may want it to perform various additional tasks. Some will just want to power the lights for a few hours, some might want to power them for a day and also charge their phones and other gadgets. The lack of battery and large battery compartment lets the customer choose the optimal battery for their needs. An included battery would only reduce available space. Also, a high quality battery can easily exceed the cost of the bag itself.

The app is probably the device’s biggest weakness. It has some VERY powerful features for a device that can do a lot of complicated things. It’s vastly superior to what you get from other LED systems. You can easily find some really amazing art from the vast community of users. The weakness comes some of the stupid “features” that make no sense, as well as the inability to easily do the simplest things that should not need community participation. You can do a scrolling marque of letters, but emoji are not included. Want to do a simple color transition instead of a solid color? You need to learn the animator tool or rely on community creations. Outside of that, there are a few UI quirks that need to be addressed. I am not saying the app is bad, it is actually quite good, It is just not as good as the other aspects of the product.

Let me conclude by listing off my suggestions for improvement: Firstly, I recommend adding the ability to pass cables directly between the compartments. When I use my large battery in the front, I want to be able to charge my phones and other. electronics in the other compartments without having to run cables outside the bag. Second, add the ability to control the speed of the animation. Some of them are overwhelmingly fast. Brightness and animation should also be easily accessible from anywhere within the app.

Customer questions & answers

Q: How long will the electricity last

A: Hello,
Our sling bags power source is need a Power bank
So,How long electricity last is according to the charge capacity of your power bank

Q: Does it have rfid prtection ?
A: hello, our technology crossbody sling backpack don’t have rfid technology

Q: What is the size of this bag ?
A: Hello,
150x90x340 mm

Q: Can I wear it as a fannypack instead of wearing as a backpack?
A: It’s ok if your waist is big enough

Conclusion: Elevate Your Audio Experience

With its stylish design, powerful sound, and convenient features, the Divoom SlingBag is the ultimate audio companion for music lovers on the go. Whether you’re exploring the world or simply hanging out with friends, this versatile bag ensures that your music is always by your side, delivering an immersive listening experience wherever life takes you.

So why settle for ordinary sound when you can have extraordinary sound with the Divoom SlingBag? Upgrade your audio experience today and immerse yourself in the music wherever you go!