Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker: Bringing Back Nostalgia in a Modern Package


In today’s tech-savvy world, where sleek and minimalist designs dominate, it’s refreshing to find a product that combines contemporary technology with a touch of nostalgia. The Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker does just that. With its retro-inspired pixel art display and modern audio capabilities, this speaker is a perfect blend of past and present. In this article, we will delve into the features, design, and overall performance of the Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker.


At first glance, the Divoom Ditoo appears like a vintage video game console or computer monitor from the ’80s. Its compact size (measuring 9.5 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm) makes it suitable for any desk or tabletop. The retro pixel art display consists of an 8×8 LED grid with vibrant colors that mimic classic arcade games.

While many speakers sacrifice aesthetics for functionality, the Divoom Ditoo strikes the perfect balance between form and function. It features a durable construction with soft edges and smooth finishes, making it visually appealing as well as comfortable to handle.


Don’t let its retro appearance fool you; this speaker is equipped with advanced features that cater to modern needs. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless pairing with smartphones, tablets, or laptops within a range of up to 10 meters. Additionally, it supports AUX-in and MicroSD card playback options.

One standout feature is the disco light mode which synchronizes LED lights on the speaker with your favorite music, creating an immersive audio-visual experience right in your own space. Whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying some alone time, this feature adds energy and excitement to your surroundings.


The Divoom Ditoo isn’t just about looks; it delivers impressive audio quality as well. With its 10W full-range speaker, it produces clear and crisp sound across various genres of music. The bass response is particularly notable, considering the compact size of the device.

Apart from being a speaker, the Divoom Ditoo also doubles as a smart alarm clock that can be personalized to wake you up with your favorite tunes or pre-set alarms. It also displays time, date, and weather information through an intuitive interface.

Pixel Art Creation:

One of the most exciting aspects of the Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker is its pixel art creation feature. Using the dedicated mobile app, users can create custom designs or animations on their smartphones and send them directly to the speaker’s display. This unique feature brings out the artist in everyone and allows for endless creativity.

The app includes a vast library of pre-designed pixel art images and animations inspired by popular culture references like video games, cartoons, and movies. Users can even share their creations with other Ditoo owners around the world through an online community platform.


In conclusion, the Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker successfully combines retro aesthetics with modern functionality. Its visually pleasing design, advanced features, and excellent audio performance make it a standout choice for those seeking a nostalgic yet contemporary audio companion.

Whether you’re a fan of retro gaming or simply appreciate quirky gadgets, this speaker offers an immersive experience that transports you back in time while delivering top-notch sound quality. So why settle for ordinary speakers when you can have a piece of nostalgia on your desk? Get yourself a Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker today!