Divoom Pixoo Max: A Canvas for Digital Artwork

The Divoom Pixoo Max is a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a display for showcasing pixel art, retro gaming motifs and animations. With onboard controls for choosing from hundreds of designs or creating your own, the Pixoo Max transforms into a canvas for a unique form of modern expression using sound, LEDs and nostalgic 8-bit styles.

Pixel Powered

The Pixoo Max incorporates a 16×16 RGB LED matrix display with brightness adjustment and zoom functions for sharing bold pixel graphics and text. Their library includes pixel artwork based on iconic arcade games, anime characters, synthwave aesthetics and more. You can also generate random patterns, download packs from Divoom’s online community or design your own pixel graphics using their proprietary editing software for Mac and Windows.

Retro-Modern Sound

Powering the visuals of the Pixoo Max is a 5W Bluetooth speaker with DSP effects like TruBass for enhanced low end. The Pixoo Max supports Bluetooth 5.0 for full range, low latency sound that complements both club mixes and chiptune gaming tracks alike. Aux-in and micro SD ports allow connecting additional devices like synthesizers, audio interfaces or portable music players. Onboard volume, playback and DSP controls let you quickly adjust levels and sound modes as needed.

Customize for the Perfect Mood

With animation speeds, multiple display modes and 5 brightness levels to choose from, the visual styles of the Pixoo Max can be tailored to suit any mood or ambiance. Display a pulsing, synthwave sunburst for a chill lo-fi session or nostalgic pixel heart on date night—the possibilities are endless! The Pixoo Max includes a handle for placement anywhere and a built-in 1800mAh battery providing up to 10 hours of combined audio and display on a 2.5 hour charge.

While most Bluetooth speakers are limited to sound alone, the Divoom Pixoo Max provides an interactive platform for channeling digital creativity. By fusing a rechargeable speaker system with retro-futuristic pixel art technology, Divoom has created a conduit for expressing individuality through a modern take on a classic art form. Whether you craft your own designs or curate from their online community, the Pixoo Max lets your digital art transform into an experience to hear and see.

Overall, the Divoom Pixoo Max portable Bluetooth speaker unleashes sound and pixel power in one compelling package. With tools for sharing premade graphics or crafting your own and a 5W audio system enhanced by DSP effects, the Pixoo Max turns music into a visual adventure fueled by nostalgia and culture. To brighten up the space where you create, play or relax each day, Pixoo Max makes a bold style statement.