Divoom Planet 9 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Divoom Planet 9 is an affordable Bluetooth speaker that combines retro design with modern functionality. It features a colorful LED display, built-in rechargeable battery, FM radio, alarm clock and touch controls. While the Planet 9 only offers basic sound quality, its unique style, visual equalizer display and varied features make it an appealing option for a bedside or desktop speaker.

Retro Style Meets Modern Features

The Divoom Planet 9 has a fun, retro spaceship-inspired design but is outfitted with useful modern capabilities. Its round LED display acts as a visual equalizer that lights up and dances to your music. It also serves as an alarm clock, displaying the time even when the speaker is idle. Integrated FM radio and alarm modes provide additional utility as a bedside or desktop unit.

For controlling the speaker and selecting modes, the Planet 9 uses responsive touch buttons on top rather than traditional physical controls. Bluetooth 4.2 provides a stable wireless connection to your phone, tablet or laptop for streaming music and audio content up to 32 feet away. The Planet 9 gets 6-8 hours of battery life per charge for portability around the home.

Basic, Balanced Sound

The Divoom Planet 9 produces average stereo sound quality for casual listening. Its 5W drivers deliver balanced, somewhat flat response across the range with limited bass. The volume gets high enough to fill a small room but lacks the power and fullness of larger portable speakers. However, given the Planet 9’s design as a retro-inspired bedside or desktop unit with visual effects, sound quality takes a back seat to style and features.

For $50, the Divoom Planet 9 offers a unique package of retro flair and useful capabilities in an affordable desktop speaker. While its audio quality may bebasic, features like the dancing LED display, clock, alarm and radio give it extra versatility as a stylish timepiece and speaker in one. For a simple, visually fun speaker to use around the home, the Planet 9 delivers retro radness on a budget.