Divoom Tivoo Speaker: A Multi-Purpose Gadget that Rocks Your World

Are you tired of conventional speakers that only play music? Look no further than the Divoom Tivoo Speaker! This innovative gadget combines the best of both worlds by providing high-quality sound and a range of exciting features like pixel art, messaging, and more. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the Divoom Tivoo Speaker so special, including its design, sound quality, and unique features.


  1. Introduction – Brief overview of Divoom Tivoo Speaker
  2. Design – Focus on compact size and retro appearance
  3. Sound Quality – Emphasis on immersive experience with powerful bass
  4. Features – Pixel art creation tool, customizable alarm clock, social media notification display
  5. Ease of Use – Discuss intuitive user interface and app functionality
  6. Conclusion


The first thing you notice about the Divoom Tivoo Speaker is its compact size and retro appearance. The speaker’s soft fabric cover gives it a cozy feel while protecting it from minor scratches or damages.

The custom LED display takes center stage on top of the speaker and offers a dynamic canvas for pixel art creations or displaying notifications such as emails or missed calls.

Sound Quality:

One area where the Divoom Tivoo really shines is its superb audio performance with pronounced bass-boosting capabilities to provide an immersive experience that feels like having your favorite band in your living room. Whether you’re listening to classical melodies or electronic dance hits, this versatile speaker has got you covered with crisp highs and rich mid-tones.


While many speakers focus solely on sound quality, one thing that sets the Divoom Tivoo apart is its wide-ranging features. One key feature is its built-in 16 x 16-pixel display that lets users create their own pixel art. The accompanying mobile app offers a palette of 24 colors and various drawing tools to unleash your inner artist.

The speaker also doubles as an alarm clock, with customizable alarms that let users wake up to their favorite tunes, sound effects or radio stations. Additionally, the Tivoo Speaker has social media notification capabilities, which means you can display notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., on its LED display.

Ease of Use:

One thing that users appreciate about the Divoom Tivoo Speaker is its intuitive user interface and app functionality. Users can connect to it via Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming or plug directly into its USB port to transfer files or recharge their device’s battery life.

The user-friendly app (iOS and Android compatible) makes it easy to create custom pixel art designs or customize alarm sounds. Overall, the Divoom Tivoo is a fun gadget anyone can use without facing any technical difficulties.


The Divoom Tivoo Speaker’s combination of high-quality sound and unique features make it an excellent choice for those looking for something more than just a typical speaker. Its compact design and retro appearance are sure to catch eyes in any space. With its versatile features like pixel art creation tool, customizable alarm clock, social media notification display – all wrapped together in one affordable device – the Divoom Tivoo takes entertainment technology to a new level!

Whether you’re looking for an exciting change from conventional speakers or want a multi-purpose gadget that rocks your world; The Divoom Tivoo Speaker is undoubtedly worth investing in!