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SHONE Solar Deck Lights, IP67 Waterproof Ground Lights with Anti Slip and Anti Trip Design

  • ANTI-TRIP & ANTI-SLIP PATENT DESIGN: Our Solar Deck Light measures 5.1″ in diameter, with its central peak at 0.52″ then gradually thins out as it extends. lts ultra-thin flat profile ensures your safety, espcially by the pool
  • SUPER BRIGHT & EXTRA LONG TIME: This Wireless Ground Light features 12 LEDs in high light transmittance PC housing. Large 1000mAh battery, provides an impressive 8-10 hours of continuous illumination
  • WEAR RESISTANT & DURABLE: This Solar Driveway Light is crafted with high-hardness PC and stainless-steel body, capable of withstanding car weight with IP67 waterproof rating
  • EASY LNSTALL: This Auto on off Path Lights offers flexible installation options: 1. Spike Installation; 2. Secure with Screw; 3. Silicon glue stick on
  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: step, pool, dock, yard, road markers, path, landscape, garden, lawn, wall etc
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  • A Review Of SHONE

  • I have got to admit that these light were better than I had expected. They are very low profile to lessen your tripping over them which I like. The outer non-slip polycarbonate housing is super strong and can handle up to a car or truck driving over the top of them and survive, Impressive. Very beefy.The lights can be mounted by screwing them to your Trex or wooden deck (with included screws), stuck into the ground or grass with the included plastic stakes that have like a 3M-like HD sticker on the end of the stake, by using some clear silicone adhesive (not included) or just laying them onto the surface by itself for temporary use.A note if more permanently mounting them by silicone, I recommend using only a small maybe dime size daub so if you need to remove or replace it it will not be as hard. I did not use the stakes but I fear that with rain, regular sprinkler watering and hot summer heat that the stickers will not hold up long term.BRIGHTNESS. The company says these are “super bright”, aah not super bright in real life but that is OK. The light provided is just enough provide subdued light for a driveway, pool skirting or pathway. The color is slightly between warm light and standard white light, in my opinion, just right. These would be pretty cool for driveway parking spot lights, too. If you put them in the middle of your driveway it will look like you have a plane landing strip!These lights can be mounting either horizontally or vertically like on a wall next to the steps or fence next along a walkway.BURN-TIME: Each light has a solar panel under the outer housing that recharges up its internal lithium battery (non-replaceable). The key to these and ALL solar operated lights is getting DIRECT sunshine and the time absorption time of the daylight (winter burn-time is less than summer time). The longer the direct sunshine (4-8 hours) the longer the burn-time you will get. They will charge with indirect sunlight but just not burn very long so choose your mounting location carefully so get the most direct sunshine each day and each season.OK, SO DID I LIKE THESE SOLAR PATHWAY LIGHTS? Yep, I sure did. They add some class to front your home or backyard pathways, driveways, pool decks and backyard decor. I think I will buy a few extra sets now for my home and around my pool. Will they last 6 months, a year or more? Too early to say but I sure hope they will. ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED***

Conclusion: Brilliance and Safety at Every Step

The SHONE Solar Deck Lights redefine outdoor illumination, combining brilliance with safety features. With IP67 waterproof design, anti-slip, and anti-trip features, these ground lights ensure your pathways are not only beautifully illuminated but also safe to traverse. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with brilliance and security.