Illuminate Your Space with Divoom Pixoo 32: Your Personalized Pixel Art Canvas!


Step into a world where art meets technology with the Divoom Pixoo 32. More than just a display, it’s your canvas for creativity, allowing you to express yourself in vibrant pixel art like never before. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your living space, enhance your workspace, or simply unleash your inner artist, the Pixoo 32 is here to bring your imagination to life! ️

Pixel Perfect: The Divoom Pixoo 32 Experience

Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities with the Divoom Pixoo 32. Featuring a stunning 32×32 pixel display, this versatile device lets you create, customize, and display pixel art masterpieces with ease. From dynamic animations to mesmerizing patterns, the Pixoo 32 allows you to showcase your creativity in stunning detail.

But the Pixoo 32 is more than just a canvas for pixel art; it’s also a multifunctional display that enhances your daily life in countless ways. Use it as a clock, calendar, weather forecast, or even as a smart alarm clock to start your day on the right foot. With its customizable display and intuitive controls, the Pixoo 32 adapts to your needs, ensuring that you always have the information you need at a glance. ☀️

Key Features

  • Meet Divoom Pixoo-Max – It is our most advanced pixel display board has a 9.6” LED screen with 32×32 pixel size. A big upgrade from the previous generation in terms of voice control function, which enables you to display images without being distracted on the road, by simply using a voice command.
  • Easy to Set up – The hardware works well out of the box and is simple to get up and running. There are many ways to display this sleek black matte square frame, too. It comes with a stand that you can attach to the back which is very handy, also has a hanging slot to hang on a wall.
  • Design Pixel Artwork – This led display sign is an excellent way to exercise creativity. On the Divoom app, you are given the option of designing you own image, animation and scrolling text message – all offering a large variety of options.
  • Great Room Decor – The breadth of different motifs is really great and a real eye-catching decor in every room, every gaming lounge or just on the bedside table! If you are a huge video game fan, you can use the Pixoo max to add another gaming accessories decoration on top of your computer set up. For non-gamers, there are a lot of options too, from calming sunsets, to relaxing falling cherry-blossoms.
  • Great Gift Idea – It is a great little thing to have on your desk, and the multitude of animations and other art available to put on its limitless. and that would make a great christmas,Halloween/birthday gift for someone who likes old computers or retro gaming.

Customer review

DISCLAIMER: I recieved this product for free to review, but I am remaining unbiased.

Having owned several Divoom products before this, I expected it to be similar to their newer 16×16 displays, albeit being 4x as large as them. However, what I got exceeded these expectations in a few ways.

1. Car mode/mount
one of the intended use cases for this is to mount it using the included pair of suction cups to the rear window of your vehicle, where once installed and configured will automatically turn on when the vehicle is started. While I don’t find this feature very useful, you can use voice commands to display various icons and I can see the appeal for this use case.
2. increased resolution
the 32×32 display allows for much greater resolution compared to the smaller variants, and the art currently available on the app is quite nice. The animations are very smooth, and the display itself is easily visible even in bright sunlight. it came with a bonus screen protector which was pre-installed. i had no issue connecting the unit to the app and it worked just as well as the rest of their products have in the past.
3. USB-c
As with the Ditoo, this has USB c for charging now. this is a vast improvement over the Micro USB used on the timebox series, as it is a more durable connector in addition to being invertible, and supporting faster modes of charging, though I don’t believe divoom has taken advantage of this, which for me is perfectly fine since this is likely going to spend 90% of the time plugged in
recommendations for improvement
however, that isn’t to say its all perfect. I noticed a few nitpicky things about the app, and I’d like some improvements to be made.
1. not all of the clocks are customizable
the variety of clock faces you get on this is much greater than on past devices. you also get the option to have all the time, date, temperature, and weather displaying at once, however on those displays you have no color customization, which wouldn’t be very difficult to add, but is a very nice thing to have, as the default colors are very bright and some might want a single color or more subdued colors. the same goes for the “3d” clock face, it is set to blue and you cannot change this. this isn’t a new thing either, it is the same for many of the clock faces on previous units, you can change part of it but the rest remains unchanged
2. when selecting animations in the app, it displays them before finishing downloading them, so for the first few seconds of the animation it will loop awkwardly before it can finish downloading
why this happens, I’m not certain. the app has a separate button for doing this & I think it should do it by default, but its not a huge issue.
3. the customizeable display section in the app that allows you to choose several animations/art to display in a loop doesn’t allow you to loop the animations a certain number of times, and the only work around is to add the animations multiple times, which in term means you can’t have as many. once again, easily fixable in the app.

Overall, this is a very nice device for pixel art displaying, and it functions well. I think divoom is heading in the right direction, and if they can make the mentioned changes I will be even happier with this.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Can this one or the evo be powered with a motherboard internal usb header?
A: Yes, I am doing that!

Q: It is now july, i do not see the 64×64 mentioned as due out in june???
A: Hello
Pixoo 64 X 64 Has been produced
but for some commercial reasons,
it will not be sold on Amazon now
need to wait some time

Q: What is the Warranty information? How long and what is covered?
A: 2 years warranty, if there is any product related problem, you can contact us to solve it

Q: Can text be displayed/scrolled on device?
A: Yes, but it needs to be edited and pre-set through the divoom App

Conclusion: Your Canvas for Creativity

With its stunning display, customizable design, and smart functionality, the Divoom Pixoo 32 is more than just a pixel art canvas; it’s a gateway to endless creativity and inspiration. Whether you’re expressing yourself through pixel art, staying organized with its smart features, or simply adding a touch of personality to your space, the Pixoo 32 enhances every aspect of your life in ways you never thought possible.

So why settle for ordinary decor when you can have extraordinary art with the Divoom Pixoo 32? Transform your space, unleash your creativity, and experience the magic of pixel art like never before!