The Divoom Ditoo Plus: Exploring the Enhanced Features and Differences

The Divoom Ditoo Plus is an upgraded version of the popular Ditoo portable pixel art speaker. Packed with new features and improvements, this compact device offers a unique blend of retro charm and modern functionality. In this article, we will delve into the enhanced features of the Divoom Ditoo Plus and highlight the key differences that set it apart from its predecessor.

The Evolution of Ditoo: Introducing the Divoom Ditoo Plus

Building upon the success of the original Ditoo, Divoom has taken things up a notch with their latest release – the Divoom Ditoo Plus. This compact pixel art speaker not only serves as a portable Bluetooth speaker but also doubles as a customizable digital companion that adds flair to any space.

Upgrades in Design and Display

While retaining its signature 8-bit retro design, the Ditoo Plus sports an even more refined look. With sleek curves and smooth edges, it exudes elegance while maintaining its nostalgic appeal. Additionally, it boasts an improved IPS color display that measures 10cm (4 inches) diagonally – providing users with a vibrant canvas for pixel art creation or displaying notifications.

Enhanced Sound Quality

One notable improvement in the Divoom Ditoo Plus lies in its sound quality. Equipped with a powerful 20W DSP speaker driver, this small device delivers impressive audio performance with rich bass and clear trebles. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite music or watching movies on your smartphone or tablet, you can expect immersive and high-fidelity sound from this little powerhouse.

Expanded Interactive Functions

The interactive functions of the original Ditoo were already fun and engaging, but the Divoom Ditoo Plus takes it to another level. It comes preloaded with multiple entertaining features such as games, animations, clocks, weather updates, social media notifications, sleep aids, and more. Users can personalize their Ditoo Plus with custom pixel art creations or choose from a vast library of community-made designs.

Advanced Connectivity Options

A significant enhancement in the Ditoo Plus is its expanded connectivity options. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the device now supports Wi-Fi connection, allowing for seamless streaming and access to various online platforms. This means you can easily connect your Ditoo Plus to your home network and explore an array of features, including internet radio, music streaming services, and even voice assistant integration.

Extended Battery Life

Another area where the Divoom Ditoo Plus excels is battery life. With its built-in 8000mAh rechargeable battery, it offers extended playtime hours that can last up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Whether you’re using it as a portable speaker or leaving it at your desk as a digital companion, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted entertainment without frequent recharging.

The Difference: Divoom Ditoo vs. Divoom Ditoo Plus

While both models share similarities in terms of design and concept, there are several key differences that set the Divoom Ditoo Plus apart from its predecessor.

  1. Enhanced Display: The larger 10cm (4 inches) IPS color display offers a more vibrant visual experience compared to the original’s 6cm (2.4 inches) screen.
  2. Improved Sound Quality: The Divoom Ditoo Plus features a powerful 20W DSP speaker driver for enhanced audio performance, providing richer sound and deeper bass response compared to the original model.
  3. Expanded Connectivity: With Wi-Fi capabilities added in the Divoom Ditoo Plus, users can now enjoy online content such as internet radio and music streaming services directly from their device.
  4. Extended Battery Life: The upgraded model comes with an 8000mAh battery compared to the original’s 3000mAh capacity, ensuring longer playtime without the need for frequent recharging.


The Divoom Ditoo Plus is a delightful upgrade to an already beloved device. With its enhanced features, improved sound quality, expanded connectivity options, and extended battery life, it offers a compelling package for those seeking a portable pixel art speaker with added functionality. Whether you’re an art enthusiast looking to unleash your creativity or simply someone who enjoys immersive audio experiences on the go, the Divoom Ditoo Plus is sure to captivate and entertain.