The Ultimate Guide to Divoom Pixoo Frame

Divoom Pixoo Frame is a perfect blend of art and technology. It’s a versatile device that adds color, life, and style to any room. This frame is not only an ordinary picture frame but also a smart LED display device that can be used in various ways. In this guide, we will explore the features of the Divoom Pixoo Frame, how it works, its benefits and the different ways you can use it.

What is Divoom Pixoo Frame?

Divoom Pixoo Frame is a smart LED display device that allows you to customize your space with unique designs and animations. The pixelated design gives it an aesthetic appearance making it both practical and stylish. It’s designed to add personality to your space while still serving as a functional piece of décor. The pixel art display allows you to create or download thousands of animated designs from the companion app on your phone.

Features of Divoom Pixoo Frame

The Divoom Pixoo Frame comes packed with features designed to ensure optimal user experience. Some of these features include:

  • Pixel Art Creation: Create amazing 16×16 pixel art designs using the companion app.
  • 24-Hour Clock Display: Set time for different time zones across the world using the app.
  • Wireless Control: Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth for easy control over settings.
  • Smart Home Functionality: Go beyond decoration by integrating with other smart home devices like Google Home for voice control.

Additionally, this frame has a compact size measuring 8×8 inches making it an ideal piece for all spaces regardless of size.

How does Divoom Pixoo Frame Work?

The process begins by connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth technology which enables remote access through the companion app. From there, choose one of several personalized templates or create your design using simple drawing tools within the app.

Once complete, transfer it directly onto your Divoom Pixoo Frame and watch as the animated designs come to life. The connectivity options make it possible to sync with other Divoom Pixoo Frames or share creations with friends and family.

Benefits of Divoom Pixoo Frame

Divoom Pixoo Frame offers several benefits that make it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their home décor. Here are some notable benefits:

  • Customizable: Choose from several templates or create your designs using easy-to-use tools within the companion app.
  • Versatile: It’s perfect for use in all rooms, including bedrooms, offices, living rooms, and kids’ play areas.
  • Smart Technology Integration: Connect it to other smart home devices like Google Home for voice control.
  • Compact Size: Its size makes it ideal for small spaces where you want a functional yet stylish piece of decor.

Different Ways to Use Divoom Pixoo Frame

There are several ways you can use the Divoom Pixoo Frame to add personality and style into your space. Here are five different ways:

Digital Picture Frame

Use it as a digital picture frame by uploading your favorite photos directly onto the device. With its pixel art display technology, every image is transformed into retro-styled artwork making them stand out in any space.

Weather Display

With its integration with Accuweather services, you can set up weather displays that indicate different weather conditions throughout the day. Get live updates on temperature changes outside your window.

Time-Zone Clocks

If you have loved ones living abroad, this feature comes in handy when keeping track of different time zones throughout the day. You can quickly check up on your friends without having to do tedious calculations.

Notification Center

Connect your social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp contacts directly onto your device. Every time you receive a message notification pops up on-screen alerting you immediately.

Music Visualization

Turn up the volume while playing music and watch as the LED lights create a fantastic light show in rhythm with each beat. This feature is great when hosting parties or simply when relaxing with your tunes.


The Divoom Pixoo Frame is an innovative device that transforms any space into a stylish pixel art showcase. It offers numerous benefits and features designed to personalize and add life to any room regardless of size. Additionally, its compact design and easy-to-use interface make it perfect for anyone looking for a customizable piece of home décor.

Whether you’re using it as a picture frame, weather display, music visualization or notification center, the possibilities are endless. With Divoom Pixoo Frame’s unique blend of art and technology, you can expect many compliments from guests who visit your home. Try one today and see how it can transform your living space!