The Ultimate Guide to the Tivoo App: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s digital age, there seems to be an app for everything, whether it’s tracking your fitness goals or ordering food delivery. One app that has been gaining popularity recently is the Tivoo app. But what exactly is the Tivoo app, and how can it benefit you? In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all aspects of the Tivoo app – from its features and functions to how you can make the most out of it.

What is the Tivoo App?

The Tivoo app is a companion application for Divoom’s line of Pixel Art speakers, such as the Tivoo-Max and Timebox-Evo. These Bluetooth speakers not only deliver high-quality sound but also come equipped with an LED screen that allows users to display pixel art designs and animations. The Tivoo app serves as a platform for users to create and customize their own pixel art designs, set alarms, play games, listen to radio stations, and more.

Key Features of the Tivoo App

  1. Pixel Art Creation: One of the main features of the Tivoo app is its ability to create pixel art designs using a wide range of tools and colors. Users can unleash their creativity by designing custom images or animations that can be displayed on their Pixel Art speakers.

  2. Animation Editor: The animation editor tool within the Tivoo app allows users to create dynamic animations with ease. Simply select frames, add movement effects, and watch your creations come alive on your Pixel Art speaker.

  3. Alarm Clock: The Tivoo app doubles as an alarm clock, allowing users to set multiple alarms with customizable sounds and light patterns. Wake up in style with your favorite pixel art design greeting you in the morning.

  4. Sleep Aid Mode: For those who struggle with falling asleep, the Tivoo app offers a sleep aid mode that plays soothing sounds or white noise while displaying calming visuals on your Pixel Art speaker.

  5. Games: The Tivoo app features a collection of mini-games that are perfect for passing the time or challenging friends. From classic arcade games to puzzle games, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

  6. Radio Stations: Listen to your favorite radio stations directly through the Tivoo app without needing a separate device. Tune in while you work or relax with ease.

How to Use the Tivoo App

Getting started with the Tivoo app is easy – simply download it from your device’s respective app store and pair it with your Divoom Pixel Art speaker via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can begin exploring all of its features and functionalities:

  1. Create Your Own Pixel Art Design: Use the drawing tools within the app to bring your ideas to life through pixel art creations.

  2. Customize Animations: Experiment with different frame sequences and effects in the animation editor tool until you achieve your desired result.

  3. Set Alarms: Schedule alarms for waking up in the morning or reminders throughout your day using custom sounds and light patterns.