Unleash Sonic Brilliance with Divoom’s Onbeat 200: Your Pocket-sized Powerhouse!


Get ready to revolutionize your audio experience with the Divoom Onbeat 200. Compact yet powerful, this pocket-sized speaker is your ticket to immersive sound on the go. Whether you’re chilling at home, exploring the great outdoors, or hitting the road with friends, the Onbeat 200 ensures that your favorite tunes are always within reach!

Portable Perfection: Take Your Music Anywhere

Don’t let its small size fool you; the Onbeat 200 packs a punch when it comes to sound. With its advanced audio technology and precision-engineered drivers, this speaker delivers crystal-clear highs, deep lows, and everything in between, ensuring an immersive listening experience wherever you are.

Designed for maximum portability, the Onbeat 200 is lightweight and compact, making it the perfect travel companion for music lovers on the move. Slip it into your bag or pocket, and take your favorite playlists with you wherever you go. Whether you’re lounging at the beach, picnicking in the park, or simply chilling at home, the Onbeat 200 ensures that your music never misses a beat. ️

Key Features

  • Two powerful 4W speakers
  • Up to 8H playback
  • Built-In microphone for hands-free calls
  • Precision-Tuned drivers and passive bass radiator

Customer review

Five stars, for sure! I am very happy with my DiVoom OnBeat 200 Bluetooth speaker. While it is true that the instruction manual is a bit lacking, setting up and using the OnBeat 200 unit actually was pretty easy and intuitive for me. To me what sets this little speaker apart is its excellent sound quality. It is really great, really exceptional. This is always a matter of taste, but I like the OnBeat 200’s sound quality very much. Take my word for it. I am that certain you will like it too.

Everybody I play it for agrees. It sounds much better than my older, larger, and bulkier Creative D100. The sound quality has a very appealing clarity. I also like this speaker for it’s small size, durable finish, and solid build quality. And it’s battery life. It’ll play all day, no problem. It works great in an office or bedroom, and also outdoors, generally speaking. Like if you’re sitting in the park at a picnic table. I use it with my iPhone 5. However, just for the record, I don’t think the OnBeat 200 would be sufficient for a big, crazy, crowded, poolside rap and hip/hop dance keg party. I’m 53, and I’ve tried a world of hi-fi equipment. I am not saying this is something for hardcore audiophiles. But I truly believe even a seasoned audiophile would agree that the OnBeat 200 sounds pretty good for what it is.

It’s definitely at the top of its class. Yet it isn’t nearly as expensive as some of the other small, portable Bluetooth speakers. I just wish it was weatherproofed. I know some of these little speakers also handle cellphone calls, but I have never used that feature, if it has it, too. I just use it to enjoy my music when I’m camping, or relaxing in the park, or at the beach. But if you buy one of these, I am sure you’ll also agree that it’s a good value and a useful accessory, at least as far as sound quality goes. I got the unpopular red one. It was cheaper than the more popular black one. I don’t take the time to review many things I buy, but when I first heard this little speaker it really made me happy. It’s super useful! By the way, if you’re shopping around, don’t you think they give these little speakers peculiar names?

Customer questions & answers

Q: will it work with a samsung galaxy s3?

A: Hi Andrew, I bought this for my teenage daughter, she says that it will work with a Samsung Galaxy S3. Hope that helps

Q: Can I pair more than one onbeat 200 to create a multiroom system ?

A: From what I know you can only connect your phone to one onbeat 200 at a time.

Q: Does the speaker come with a separate charger i.e.. a usb wire or something?

A: No charger. Just USB cable and AUX cable.

Q: Is the item durable?
A: This item has lasted me over a year and a half now and it is very durable. It is a very good product that has great sound. It can be set up in a matter of seconds

Conclusion: Your Soundtrack to Adventure

With its portable design, powerful sound, and versatile features, the Onbeat 200 is the ultimate audio companion for life on the go. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, relaxing at home, or hanging out with friends, this pocket-sized powerhouse ensures that your music is always within reach.

So why settle for mediocre sound quality? Upgrade to the Onbeat 200 and experience music the way it was meant to be heard: loud, clear, and full of energy!