Unleash Your Creativity with Divoom Pixoo 16×16: Your Miniature Masterpiece Canvas!


Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds with the Divoom Pixoo 16×16. Despite its compact size, this pixel art canvas packs a punch, offering endless opportunities for creativity and expression. Whether you’re a seasoned pixel artist or just getting started, the Pixoo 16×16 is your gateway to a world of vibrant visuals and personalized decor! ️

Pixel Art Magic: The Divoom Pixoo 16×16 Experience

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with the Divoom Pixoo 16×16. Featuring a high-resolution 16×16 pixel display, this miniature masterpiece canvas lets you create, customize, and display pixel art creations with stunning clarity and detail. From simple designs to intricate patterns, the Pixoo 16×16 allows you to bring your imagination to life in vibrant color!

But the Pixoo 16×16 is more than just a canvas for pixel art; it’s also a versatile display that enhances your space in countless ways. Use it as a clock, calendar, weather forecast, or even as a dynamic visualizer for your favorite tunes. With its customizable display and intuitive controls, the Pixoo 16×16 adapts to your needs, ensuring that you always have the information you need at a glance. ☀️

Key Features

  • Meet Pixoo – The Divoom Pixoo Pixel Art Digital Frame is a fun and useful piece of technology. You can use the Pixoo as a smart wall clock, able to display the weather and temperature, use it as a lamp or music visualizer, but far and away the most fun is using it display Pixel Art, which you can design yourself using the Divoom app or download from actual Pixel artists that have created some amazing, fun, beautiful animations.
  • Easy to Set up – The hardware works well out of the box and is simple to get up and running. There are many ways to display this sleek black matte square frame, too. It comes with a stand that you can attach to the back which is very handy, also has a hanging slot to hang on a wall.
  • Crowd Sourced Creative Images – There are so many awesome animations! If you are a huge videogame fan, so you can use the Pixoo to add another decoration on top of your computer set up. There are many artists’ pixel paintings available on the app. For non-gamers, there are a lot of options too, from calming sunsets, to relaxing falling cherry-blossoms.
  • Create your Own Pixelated Animations – PIXOO is an excellent way to exercise creativity. In the Discovery tab you are given the option of designing you own image, animation and scrolling text message – all offering a large variety of options. For those folk that are musically creative there is even a DJ mixer!
  • Great Gift Idea – It is a led speaker to have on your desk, and the multitude of animations and other art available to put on its limitless. The sound quality is great, and so is the battery life. It even comes in a little gift bag, and that would make a great Christmas/birthday gift for someone who likes old computers or retro gaming.

Customer review

Upon getting the device, the box felt well constructed, had a magnetized display flap, and had a nice weight to it.
It was easy to open, and the device slid out without issue. The charger cable was wrapped in a foam sleeve to protect the frame from any scratching.
I removed the plastic bag from the picture frame, and removed the protective sheet over the screen.
The power button is easily found at the top of the device, and powered on without any problems. Connectivity is great and responsive. There is minimal – if any – lag while changing images.
You can cycle through a few screens manually with the center button located at the middle and bottom of the frame.
The display is large and easily visible from a distance. The colors are vivid and the display is nice and bright. (My phone does not do the colors justice!) Lol
The app allows you to draw your own images, you can import images, as well as select from a massive variety of created images.
Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of this device! Feels well-built, the display is great, and even with the factory charge – battery life is great as well! You still have the option to simply plug it in to a power supply as well. The provided cable will give you about 5 feet of reach, so you might need to acquire more length for a shelf display – which isn’t an issue, considering USB-C cables are readily available pretty much everywhere.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Does it come with charger?
A: Hello, Our Pixel digital frame don’t come with charger,but it come with charging cable

Q: Mine is displaying the wrong temperature. How do I fix it?
A: go on settings

Q: Can you leave it powered on 24/7?
A: Yes u can

Q: Is this too bright for a shared office environment?
A: You can set the brightness so it should be fine

Conclusion: Your Miniature Masterpiece

With its compact size, customizable design, and smart functionality, the Divoom Pixoo 16×16 is more than just a pixel art canvas; it’s a gateway to endless creativity and inspiration. Whether you’re expressing yourself through pixel art, staying organized with its smart features, or simply adding a touch of personality to your space, the Pixoo 16×16 enhances every aspect of your life in ways you never thought possible.

So why settle for ordinary decor when you can have extraordinary art with the Divoom Pixoo 16×16? Transform your space, unleash your creativity, and experience the magic of pixel art like never before!